ATC Systems

ATC systems produced by RAMET a.s. form modern and cost-effective solutions designed for worldwide operation. We offer both primary and secondary surveillance radar systems, both for stand-alone or co-mounted installations.

Our systems are fully solid state and provide precise detection and measurment of aircraft coordinates within the terminal area. ATC systems produced by RAMET are operated  mainly in Kazachstan and Lithuania, as well as other countries.

We offer quality products for a reasonable price. For technical specification and configuration please see the individual product pages. For more details do not hesitate to contact us.

ATC Systems - List of Products:


    Represents S-band Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar providing detection and measurement of aircraft coordinates within the…

  • MSSR M10SR

    The M10SR solid-state radar with mode S capabilities was developed with the aim to complement RAMET portfolio of radar…

  • Remote diagnostics

    ATC primary surveillance radars produced by our company are located in different parts of the world. To make their maintenance…

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