passive & active RADARS

Our product portfolio includes both passive and active radar systems. The passive systems are guided by motto "to see and not to be seen". The systems are intended to gather ELINT information in areas of interest. The active systems are designed in particular for ATC purposes and are represented by fully solid state primary and secondary surveillance radars.


RAMET is one of world leaders in the field of law enforcement traffic solutions. Our speed cameras represent an effective tool how to affect behaviour of drivers with the aim of improving road safety and reducing occurrence of hazardous situations on the road. Our mobile system as well as the non-intrusive fixed one have won recognition and popularity in many countries of the world.


Significant part of our production focuses on design, development and manufacturing of antennas and other mechanical parts used within ATC systems.
​Thanks to our long-term experience and expertise achieved in this field, the products are utilized and well accepted also by other ATC systems manufacturers..

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For over 50 years, RAMET has been offering a large variety of products from specialized fields such as radar technology, law enforcement and electromechanical engineering. We make use of our long tradition and expertise in the field, enabling us to deliver high-quality solutions perfectly matching your needs. 

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