Represents S-band Solid-State Primary Surveillance Radar providing detection and measurement of aircraft coordinates within the terminal area, with further data transmission to ATC centers. It consists of an antenna unit mounted on a tower and a shelter housing the instrumentation. 

The standard configuration of the antenna unit includes the antenna itself with a highly reliable rotary joint and a pedestal, comprising antenna support, dualmotor antenna drive system controlled by two frequency convertors, intermediate element and other optional parts.

PSR MORAVA can be co-mounted with our M10SR monopulse secondary surveillance radar, or MSSR of other producers.

The shelter contains all-solid, air-cooled transmitter, receiver & signal processor, track processor , UPS and other equipment

Key features

  • Digital radar signal processing system
  • Coherent receiver and transmitter providing improved detection quality
  • Linear and circular polarization decreasing the influence of weather clutters
  • Digital signal generation and compression ensuring high stability
  • Weather data prosessing
  • MTD signal processing
  • Adaptive regulation of digital receiver parameters contributing to decrease false target detection
  • Built-in PSR and MSSR digital target extractor
  • Remote control and monitoring system (CMS)
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)
  • System for analyzing, recording and replaying radar data
  • Operation of the radar without continuous staff presence
  • Fully compliant with ICAO and EUROCONTOL requirements
  • Approved by CAA of the Czech Republic
  • Can be equipped with elements enabling its on-line diagnostics and maintenance.
  • User-friendly
  • Easily expandable

Main characteristics

Frequency bandS-band, 2 700 -2 900 MHz
Antenna rotation8 ÷ 15 RPM
Instrumented range ( RCS>2 m2 , Pd = 0.9; 15 RPM)≥ 69 NM (128 km)
Minimum range0.5 NM (0.920 km)
Minimum angle of elevation≤ 0.3º
Maximum angle of elevation≥ 45º
Positional accuracy
Systematic errors:
- azimuth bias< 0.1º
- slant range bias< 100 m
- time stamp error< 100 ms
Random errors (standard deviation values):
- azimuth0.1º
- slant range50 m
Probability of position detection Pd> 90 %
Probability of false alarm Pfa< 10-6
Average number of false target reports per antenna scan< 10
Resolution2º / 225 m
Low beam gain> 34 dB
High beam gain> 33 dB
Azimuthal beamwidth1.3º
Elevation beamwidthfrom 0.3º to 45º
Polarizationlinear and circular
Peak power15 kW
Pulse width - short pulse1.0 ms
- long pulse75 ms
Pulse compression ratio75
Pulse compression side lobes< 50 dB
Processor typeA-MTD
Digital pulse compressionYES
Max. tracks number1000
Temperaturefrom -50°C to +50°C
Relative humidity98%
Reduced atmospheric pressure>70 kPa
Rotation30 m/s
Survival50 m/s
MTBCF33 000 h
MTBF20 000 h
Life cycle120 000 h
MTTR30 min
Limits for industrial primary power supply line 3N230/400 VAC
(+ 20%, - 20%)
Frequency50 Hz ± 5%
Power consumption including air conditioners10 kW
Automatic switch between two networksYES
Battery backup (UPS)15 - 30 min

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