Speed Cameras

Law enforcement products intended to increase public safety on the roads by providing the police and other authorities with an effective tool to record and keep evidence of traffic offences related to speeding and send a clear statement to the wrongdoers.


The RAMER 10 family of radar speed cameras is based on the previous family of AD9 radars which were very successful and are still used and sold (per request) by our company. However, RAMER 10 is the newest model produced by RAMET a.s. It is  the upgraded and modernized AD9 model, however, with many improvements such as lower weight of the measuring unit, more sophisticated industrial computer, a possibility to be remotely controlled and to transmit the images remotely and other.

All RAMER10 radar speed cameras are of a modular design which is a great advantage. It comes out in a variety of versions – mobile, stationary, tripod and gantry. All of the versions are based on the same philosophy and technical solution. The speeding offences and violations are documented and can be seen on display immediately after measurement.

The radars are provided with ANPR module allowing to recognise license plates and verify data contained on them, comparing them with appropriate database (if available) which can be implemented in each radar speed measuring device. If this is not requested, then only one ANPR can be supplied for back office processing. The radars can perform measurement in both directions, can take photos both from the front and rear, however, if this is not desired, one method of mesurement can be disabled by the Manufacturer. There is a GPS system installed in the radar to enable clear identification of the place of measurement.

Key features

  • compact modular design
  • Doppler radar, 34.0, 34.3 or 24.125 GHz
  • both parabolic and planar antenna available
  • measurement at approach, departure, both directions
  • measurement from stationary or moving vehicle
  • covers 4 lanes, speed range 20 to 250 km/h
  • pre-set speed limits for cars and trucks
  • touchscreen control
  • operation under any light conditions
  • voice output of the measured speed in any language
  • a high rate of measurement
  • ease of operation, manned/unmanned
  • high-resolution monochrome or colour digital camera
  • digital pictures available immediately
  • special software for picture archiving & processing
  • customised picture storage capacity, 50 000 pictures minimum
  • comfortable off-line transfer of pictures, ETHERNET/USB
  • remote on-line transfer of images possible (notebook,TABLET PC, WiFi adapter)
  • remote control of radars possible

List of products

  • RAMER10 C

    RAMER10 C - mobile radar speed camera

  • RAMER10 T

    Doppler-based radar speed camera in tripod version suitable for a wide range of applications under any light conditions.

  • RAMER10 P

    This fixed solution of traffic speed measurement system ideally fits for locations with high risk of speeding. It is composed of…

  • RAMER10 O

    This fixed solution of traffic speed measurement system ideally fits for locations with high risk of speeding. It is composed of…

  • RAMER10 PT

    RAMER10 PT is stationary radar speed camera

  • RAMER10 G

    This fixed solution of traffic speed measurement system ideally fits for locations with high risk of speeding. It is composed of…

  • R-CAM

    Documentation Camera System

Product categories


perFEKT JobFair 2017 29.6.2017 - The recruitment team of RAMET a.s. company took part in the perFEKT JobFair which took place on 27th April 2017 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology. The company presented its technologies and product portfolio to attract students interested in the field of research and development. The response did not take a long time, several students have showed interest and a few have already participated in a job interview.
!IMPORTANT!: Statement on alleged cooperation with Right Rise Ltd. 21.2.2017 - In recent days we have been contacted with many questions inquiring about our cooperation with Right Rise Ltd., a company based in U.K. We hereby declare that we have never had any cooperation, contract, partnership or any other relationship with this company. Also, no products from our portfolio have ever been supplied to them. Any data informing about alleged cooperation of that company with RAMET a.s. and deliveries of RAMER10 T speed cameras or any other products manufactured by our company are misleading.

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