Testing and Measuring

RAMET a.s. has a variety of measuring/testing capabilities and tools for precise antenna testing and measurements. 
Among the most important tools belong:

  • Outdoor Antenna Measuring Range
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • EMC Laboratory 
  • Diagnostic Centre of Low- and High Frequency Technology
  • LEICA AT402 3D Mobile Measuring Device 
  • WENZEL LH108 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine



The antenna range is designed for far-field measurements of antenna systems in free space.


  • Agilent PNA Network Analyzer
  • NSI Frequency Converter (0.1 – 6 GHz)
  • NSI Distributed Frequency Converter (1 – 26.5 GHz)
  • NSI-RF-5918 Beam Controller
  • Special software
  • System of reference antennas
  • Positioning system
  • Set of transmitting antennas
  • Agilent PSG generator (250 kHz – 20 GHz)
  • Power amplifiers
  • RF cables and components
  • Control cables

Main Features:

  • NSI-RF-PNA20-001 RF system is employed
  • makes it possible to collect data at 40 frequencies simultaneously
  • frequency range of measurement from 800MHz to 20GHz
  • dynamic measurements (40, 60, 80, 100 dB)
  • distances available for measurement: 1 024 m or 70 m
  • maximum weight of the antenna to be measured: 4000kg

Allows to measure:

  • radiation characteristics in E- and H-planes in far field
  • gain
  • ellipticity
  • polarization characteristics



  • to record directional radiation patterns
  • to measure gain in swept frequency band
  • to check and set the ellipticity
  • to set and measure differential phase and amplitude
  • to set and optimize the SWR and through-way attenuation

Main Technical Parameters:

  • frequency range of measurement: 30MHz - 40GHz
  • available inner space covered with pyramidal RAM length:
    11.1 m; width 7.4; height: 6.9 m
  • positioning system for scanning directional patterns:
    azimuth + 180°
    elevation + 45°
  • carrying capacity of the positioning system: 
    maximum 300 kg
  • vertical positioning mechanism with polarized head


For In-House Measurements of

  • measurement of radiated interfering field in a frequency band from 30 MHz to 3 GHz in a screened anechoic chamber
  • measurement of interfering signal on power line or output clamps in a frequency band from 9kHz to 30MHz
  • for all measurements standardized detectors of peak, quasi-peak and mean value can be used


Allows to:

  • test climatic resistance
    (VC3 7150 climatic chamber – Vötsch Industrietechnik)
  • temperature range: -70°C ÷ 180°C
  • humidity range: 10%  ÷ 98%  under temperatures ranging from 10 to 100°C
  • test room dimensions: H 950 x W 1060 x D 1475 mm
  • programmable controlling of temperature and humidity courses

  • measure temperature courses and dependences
    (MS5 – Comet system)
  • measurement of temperature and humidity courses at several points with a possibility of data recording

  • perform mechanical vibration tests
    (L620M – ETS solution)
  • frequency range: 0 ÷ 3500 Hz
  • maximum double amplitude: 51 mm
  • maximum force applied for sinusoidal vibrations:6 000 N
  • maximum acceleration for sinusoidal vibrations: 100 g
  • load-carrying capacity of vibration exciter: 300 kg
  • ability to generate harmonic oscillation, or mechanical vibrations defined by a client

  • measure microwave parameters
    (FSU50 + FS-Z75 + FS-Z90 + FS-Z110 
    - Rohde & Schwarz)
    (N5531S - Agilent)
  • measurement of amplitude-frequency qualities of oscillators and generators up to frequency of 110 GHz
  • measurement of absolute value of microwave signals up to 44 GHz from -140 dBm

  • measure DC/AC voltage and resistance
    (3458A - Agilent)
  • 8˝ digit multimeter available, enabling signal sampling at a speed of as much as 100 kS/s


LeicaAbsoluteTracker AT402 is a 3D mobile measuring device, which enables extremely precise measurements at ultra long distances - it is a device serving to perform large-size spatial measurements. 


3D coordinate measuring machine produced by a German company WENZEL enables very precise measurements of product elements and their subsequent comparision with mathematical model. 

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