Stationary traffic speed measurement system for roadside applications.

This model of the radar speed camera is another version designed for fixed installations where constant danger of speeding occurs. 

RAMER10 O traffic speed camera is another version designed for fixed installations where constant danger of speeding occurs.  Designed in particular for roadside applications or locations in middle of the road. At such places is constructed a concrete base bearing a pole with a cabinet accommodating the traffic speed camera. The cabinet protects the device not only from weather effects but also from vandals.

The traffic speed camera is composed of an exchangeable push-and-pull measuring container and the cabinet on pole. The height of the pole is determined according to the selected site and way of measurement ( one or more traffic lanes, distance from the road). Smart and cost-effective: purchase only one radar speed measuring unit and change

Main characteristics

Transmitter frequency:

34.3GHz; 34GHz; 24GHz (24.0- 24.25GHz)

Transmitter RF power:

2 ± 1mW

Antenna beamwidth:

Side lobes:

min. - 20 dB

Antenna electrical/mechanical axis deviation:

max. 0.5º

Antenna beam angle relative to traffic direction:


Method of measurement depending on type of installation:

1. radar employed

both from standing and moving vehicle
approach, departure, both directions

2. radar not employed

measurement of speed of the vehicle being
followed (only when driving and only with RAMER10 C model)

Maximum range to measured object:

60 m (4 traffic lanes)

Selectable ranges (sensitivity of measuring part):

60 m, 30 m, 20 m

Speed measurement interval:

1 km/h

Range of guaranteed measurement accuracy:

20 km/h to 250 km/h

Speed measurement accuracy:

to 100 km/h

± 3 km/h

over 100 km/h

± 3 %

Start of measurement:

manual, automatic

Long /short vehicle distinguishment:

in the image, complementary data

Measured data outputs:

display image
file on computer storage medium
voice output

Digital camera beam angle relative to traffic direction:


Camera resolution:

> 1 mil. pixels depending on camera model

Electronic shutter speed:

1/60 to 1/10000 s

Compression format:

non-loss JPG-LS

Identification data on measurement displayed in the image:

  • identification of vehicle type & direction
  • measured speed
  • time of measurement
  • date of measurement
  • radar range
  • image number
  • serial number & model of the measuring
  • system, SW version
  • speed limits
  • lens ZOOM
  • camera position
  • duration of the record, average speed, own speed, track length (RAMER10 C model)
  • GPS data on position
  • area of radar beam

Data contained in the image file heading:

  • date and time of measurement
  • measured speed
  • own speed
  • identification of vehicle type & direction
  • speed limits
  • serial number & model of the measuring
  • image number
  • average speed
  • licence plate
  • note
  • offence data
  • operator´s name
  • name of witness of measurement
  • site of measurement, GPS coordinates,
  • data on vehicle screening
  • (licence plate, colour, model, validity of technical inspection, wanted car)

Supply voltage (RAMER10 C, RAMER10 T)

11.0 V to 14.4 V
taken current 9A max.

Running period at fully charged storage

battery, without flash: approx. 8 hours at 50 Ah battery capacity

Running period at fully charged storage

battery, flash employed: approx. 150 images

Recharging of battery of RAMER10 T

power supply unit from the mains 230V

230 V + 10% ; – 15% /50Hz
taken current 2A max.

Supply voltage (RAMER10 O, P, G)

230 V + 10% ; – 15% /50Hz
taken current 6A max.

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