Vehicle built-in traffic speed camera

This advanced model of Doppler-based radar speed camera is designed for in-car applications and ranks among the most widespread and popular speed enforcement solutions. Provides comfort for patrolling staff, allowing them to measure speed of traffic while driving or when parked.

  • maximum mobility
  • fully automated speed measurement during driving
  • both parabolic and planar antenna available
  • high-resolution monochrome or colour camera with auto iris control
  • measurement at approach, departure, or both directions
  • other speed measurement methods available (vehicle tracing, average speed by start-stop principle)
  • no deactivation of airbag needed
  • radar battery automatically recharged from onboard electrical network
  • image transmission through arbitrary interface
  • wireless data transmission to back office
  • customised installation


  • Our hidden installation easily reveals any speeding violation


Concealed installation of distance measuring sensor

  • easy application in radar SW


  • can be linked either to radar speed camera or ARCHIV processing & viewing software
  • accurately reads car number plates
  • checks them against databases available, e.g. that one of stolen cars, vehicle safety inspections etc.
  • makes processing of traffic violations easier
  • allows batch processing in ARCHIV SW


  • is based on vehicle average speed during video recording
  • provides continuous surveillance over a monitored vehicle
  • reliably records other traffic violations, bad driving habits etc

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