skySCANner is a small compact device designed to gather information on severe weather phenomena. While periodically scanning state of the atmosphere, it provides weather observations creating a base for accurate weather forecasts. 

The radar is equipped with special software to process, analyze and display measured data. It combines advantages of small and large radars. Can be employed as a self-contained unit, or arranged to operate in a collaborative network.

Key features

  • combines advantages of small and large radar systems
  • small sized, light weighted, with low power input, therefore mobile
  • easy to install and maintain
  • user-friendly interface
  • can be used self-contained, or in a network
  • creates space reflectivity matrix immediately after measurement
  • displays measured data in the form of original raw measured data, or processed with applied filtering and other tools
  • radar software enables to represent obtained data
    • in various dimensional sections
    • continuously, or step-by-step
    • in different physical values
  • graphic meteorological output with forecasting tools (one hour for self-contained, up to three hours when in network)
  • can be controlled remotely via server and internet network
  • results can be viewed via internet, smart phones, tablets etc.
  • intended to be used by general public
  • competitive price/performance ratio


  • Frequency: X band
  • Range: 40,80 and 160km
  • Supply voltage: 230V
  • Operating temperatures:
  • from -40° to +50°C
  • at 95% humidity
  • Diameter: 726 mm
  • Height: 950 mm
  • Total weight: 60 kg


  • aviation, air rescue services, airports
  • early warning and rescue operations
  • outdoor and sports events
  • hobby groups, amateur clubs, private companies
  • hydrology

Main characteristics


Unambiguous Ranges4080160km
Default Pulse Width (PW)0.5000.6661.000µs
Range Resolution (PW)75100150m
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)17661158682Hz
Typical Operational Range
Sensitivity – Reflectivity3.III12.IX22.IVdBZ
Sensitivity – Rain rate0.050.180.71mm/h
Data OutputReflectivity Factor (Z)dBZ

Half Power Beam Width4.I°
Polarizationlinear horizontal
Angle span0° to 360° continuous in azimuth, -3.5° to + 90° in elevation
Angular Positioning Accuracy±0.1°
Scanning Speed362414rpm

Minimum Discernible Signal-110.00-112.50-115.00dBm
Linear Dynamic Range65dB

TypeMagnetron with solid state
Peak Power6.VIIIkW

TypeSandwich fiberglass
Transmission Losses – one-way – dry surface0.3dB

Intermediate Frequency Sampling6MHz
Minimum Processing Resolution50m

Supply Voltage230 ± 10%, 50 HzV
Power (Typical)125W
Power (Heating Mode)750W
Ingress Protection RatingIP 54
Operating Temperaturefrom - 40 to +50°C / 95% humidity

Total Weight60kg

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