Remote diagnostics

ATC primary surveillance radars produced by our company are located in different parts of the world. To make their maintenance easier and have a perfect knowledge of their condition, a unique online condition & maintenance system has been developed.

Key features

  • on a continuous basis remotely monitors condition of radar vital mechanical parts
  • allows to detect rising problems
  • prevents problems like breakdown, wear & tear and other hazardous situations
  • enables to také corrective actions and plan predictive maintenance
  • improves radar performance and its operating efficiency
  • contributes to increased life of radar mechanical parts
  • reduces maintenance costs by avoiding unplanned maintenance
  • provides immediate information/warning to operating personnel
  • allows to communicate via web interface


  • sensors
  • cabling
  • measuring computer
  • control computer with special software

Evaluation principles

The measured data are evaluated, compared with limit values and subsequently stored. A significant tool applied during this process are FFT algorithms. The data serve as a base for computing development trends of the values in individual units of the mechanism.

Mechanical parts on which the values are measured are those providing the most reliable and precise information about the current condition of the radar. Among them rank antenna main bearing, gearboxes, motors and rotary joint.

Example of antenna drive monitoring

On the basis of signals received from vibration, temperature and oil level sensors, the system evaluates the working condition of the antenna drive. The signals are processed in the evaluation unit of the controller. Based on the actual condition, a piece of information is issued at the following levels: Operation O.K., Warning, Alarm (drive switched off).

If limits for safe operation are exceeded, the operator will receive a warning on a non-standard situation requesting special attention. The data on drive condition, vibrations and temperature inside the cabin are transmitted into CMS
​(Control & Monitoring System) and BITE (Built In Test Equipment) which are part of the radar.

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