MRTP is a lightweight passive system designed for tactical range ELINT/ESM applications.

It is in particular intended for detecting active search and arttillery radars within the surveillance area of 25 km under conditions of direct radio visibility.
The MRTP system allows to automatically search for ground sources of radiotechnical signals (up to 50 active targets), analyze signal parameters, record signals to disks, automatically identify known targets.

 Key features

Main characteristics

Frequency band2 to 18 GHz and 32 to 37 GHz
Reconnaissance sectorin azimuth plane, 360° revolving
Measuring accuracy2.5°
Carrier frequency measuring accuracy5 MHz
Minimum dynamic range30 dB
Processing of HF signalsCW – continuous wave

pulse modulated with modulation

pulse length from 50 ns to 250 μs
Requirements on measuring parametersrepetition period TOP 1.5 μs to 100 ms 
Polarization of received signalswith vertical, horizontal, circular

anticlockwise linear polarization
Power supplybattery of its own, type Power Safe
SBS B14, or from the mains,
AC 230 V/50 Hz, or from board mains
24/27 V DC
Maximum operating wind speed, stand not anchored12 m/s
Maximum operating wind speed, stand anchored20 m/s
Maximum height of MRTP antenna carrier with antenna unit4.234 m
Maximum terrain slope10°
Antenna unit orientation angle in azimuth± 180°
Antenna unit orientation angle in elevation± 35°
MRTP antenna carrier weight42 kg
Temperature range:

from +50°C to -40°C
from +65°C to -50°C

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