Stationary / Mobile Ground Based Electronic Intelligence System - The SDD long-range system is designed for strategic reconnaissance, and monitoring naval and ground radar targets. The passive principle of operation gives SDD the ultimate concealment and security feature of „seeing without being seen“. The ELINT SDD system is designed to be a basic part of a technical intelligence system.

High sensitivity of the system allows reception of the signal reflected from the troposphere, thus ensuring working range beoynd radio horizon up to a distance of 700 km and 360°.

Perfect analysis of the received signal enables to get full information about the type and position of the targets. Searches, detects, analyses, identifies and locates 2D targets at sea and on land that emit electromagnetic signals within the frequency band of the SDD system.

System analyses, measures and displays signal parameters, compares them with sources database (targets database), identifies the sources (targets), and displays tracks on the digital map for slowly moving targets at sea or on land. It manages and monitors sources of electromagnetic signal under the area of coverage and provides information on the existing situation primarily to an Integration Centres and other ELINT, COMINT and weapon systems. System is able to be integrated with special integration centre for remote control of each SDD DF station.System have possibility to be integrated with TDOA system and display up to 200 real-time flying targets.

The system is first of all designed for reconnaissance of a wide range of naval and ground RF sources within an extensive reconnaissance area (up to 700 km and 360°).
  • Automatic detection of incoming signal direction and its technical parameters
  • Processed signals:
  • continuous or pulse; amplitude, frequency and phase modulation including their combinations
  • Displaying of radioelectronic situation using interactive graphic processing (maps, tables, measured data)
  • Automatic testing of basic functions during the operation
  • Modular design, easily expandable
  • Long mean-time-to-failure period of operation
  • Powered from the mains 3 x 400V/50Hz, or power backup station which is part of the system

Double-frequency converter provides less RF emissions
IF analog-digital conversion
Digital pulse generating and compression
AMTI algorithm provides high accuracy, resolution and probability of detection, low level of false alarms

Combining and tracking PSR and MSSR targets;
Possibility of recording and replaying plots and tracks;
User-friendly GUI with possibility of displaying plot, track and analog radar data;
Possibility of using GPS UTC for time synchronization;
Targets in replay mode
Target statistics and format details window

Coherent receiver and transmitter provide detection quality improvement
Solid-state transmitter with air cooling
Linear and circle polarization decreases the influence of weather clutter
Digital generation and compression of signals provides higher stability
Processing of meteorological information
Adaptive regulation of parameters of the digital receiver decreases amount of false targets detections
Built-in PSR and MSSR digital target extractor
Remote control and monitoring system (RCMS)
Built-In Test Equipment (BITE)
System for analyzing, recording and replaying radar data
Operation of the radar without continuous staff presence
All software uses Linux operating systém
One of the best price and quality ratio on the market

Modular design provides easy change of the configuration;
The antenna system is installed on a separately standing tower;
Two antenna angle position encoders;
High-quality rotary joint;
remotely monitors condition of radar vital mechanical parts on a continuous basis
allows to detect rising problems
prevents problems like breakdown, wear & tear and similar
enables to take corrective actions and plan predictive maintenance
improves radar performance and its operating efficiency
contributes to increased life of radar mechanical parts
reduces maintenance costs by avoiding unplanned maintenance
can replace manpower at site by experts on a central location
provides immediate information/warning to operating personnel

Antenna type cosecant2, upper and lower beams;
polarization linear and circular;

12 solid-state amplifying units;
Air cooling;
Safe power supply (38V);
Fast start-up;
Does not require tuning;
Fail-soft power amplifiers;

UPS for 15 minutes of full operation;
Four power supplies with backup N + 1;
Plug-and-play power suplies;

Monitoring of all important parameters of the radar;
Remote control and diagnostics of all systems of the radar;
User – friendly GUI.

Supports different output formats:
- CAT001 - Monoradar Target Reports (Part 2a)
=- CAS2 - Monoradar Service Messages (Part2b)
=- CAS34 - Monoradar Service Messages
(Part 2b - next version of Cat 002)
=- CAS48 - ASTERIX - Monoradar Target Reports
(Part 4 - next version of Cat 001)
=- CAS8 - ASTERIX - Monoradar Weather Data
(Part 3)
 and other;
 Supports different channel types:
=- digital and analog serial channels
=- network channels.

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